Nature 1
T16 : Nativité
Genesis says there was a share of higher and lower waters, this is was the painting suggests. As the Principle of all creatures has meant to come “here below” to incarnate, only a square form may have welcomed the Christ, since it finds itself entirely immersed in the domain of lower waters, those of subtle and corporal forms. On the opposite, the roofing of this Crib, with its triangular conception, takes part in the higher waters, i.e. in the world of spiritual realities. We may think of the Tabernacle, receptacle of the divine presence, which appears like a cube surmounted of a triangle whose sum 3 + 4 = 7 evokes the total creation. Christ’s presence in the Crib is enounced by Jean’s Prologue, where “verb was made flesh, and by Him everything was done”.