T12 : Five paintings to bespeak the way
The Cross

The central figure is a dice-blazoned heart indicating number 10 - tetraktys -, thus illustrating fulfilment and recovery of oneness.
The wounded heart bleeds so that the divine sap may drain down all along the axis. It is in this connection that St John of the Cross wrote :"I know the living source that rises and disperses about, however, it is nocturnal".

On the edges of the heraldry, the 4 B (P 6) are a Greek evocation of royalty (Basil = King), i.e., the royal quality of He who comes, "the King of the kings ruling over the sovereigns".
The way leading to the axis is figured at the bottom (T7) while the top shows the crown , which for mockery purposes was made out of thorny branches.

O mystery of the Cross, onto which a transient world dies before turning green again in the garden of Eden !
To die as to be nurtured with your life is so little, so simple, why should we fear so much ?
O Lord, give us to die before death strikes