Nature 2
The Union of Above and Below
Recall the boreal dawns of Paradise Lost,
a cross embracing Thulé's sky
while the sun peacefully rested in a crystal day-break.
This shore once gave you birth
and you came to convey the icyrecollection of felicity to us,
for the memory threads of the pole
are interwoven into your cup.
Ark to which the 7 kings of Edom gave life,
premises of reality in the ocean of forms,
you are the very source of the tide that brings you about.

Cupping, holding and sheltering the celestial dew,
this moon also features the ark that has been providing mankind with accomplishment abilities
since the very beginning and will do so till the end of its cycle.
Although not visible, the ark still prevails and hosts mankind. Each and every existence proceeds from it, thus nothing could exist aside of it.
All along the development of mankind's history, the ark has been the link between the original Earthly Paradise illustrated here by surrounding walls, or triple circular surrounding walls and the eschatological city of square shape , that of the Jerusalem to be, as described by St John