Nature 2
The Union of Above and Below
The man is placed at the centre of his world, that is represented by the ovoid space (the cosmos in the roman art).
The activity of the man, who “gives a name to the creatures”, is represented by the assemblage of the 9 ordered squares: it is on this scheme that the Chinese imperial palace is based.
The emperor was said to be the “son of the Heavens and of the Earth”; his throne was in placed in the centre of this assemblage.
This may also recall the Vitruvian man of Leonardo da Vinci placed within a circle, who evokes the number 5.
That relationship between the man and his environment is also represented by the vertical column that links together Heaven and the primordial waters of the creation. This column is made of different colour stripes according to the 6 colours of the rainbow, sign of the alliance.