The Heart
G3 The Golden Embryo
"Tell us, you of Vishnu's lineage, what is it that makes a man do evil, as if under the spell of a compelling power ?"

The Blessed Lord says : "Bringing about cupidity and wrath, passion is the Great Ravenous, the Great Maleficient.
Bear in mind that this is the enemy.
This insatiable fire, this perpetual enemy of wisdom obscures understanding by concealing behind desire.
One assumes that it is dwelling within our senses, our intellect and our mind. Through these, it encircles the incarnated soul, thus bewildering its discernment.

Just as smokes conceals fire, as dust blurs a mirror, and as the womb hides the embryo, thus the spiritual principle is overcast by cupidity".

From the Bhagavad-Gita Song III, Verses : 36-39